Friday, 25 October 2013

The Flying Lion and the Giant Zombie Robots

Jam Bus

Dear Jam Bus team,

Thank you for your time that you have given to us. Thank you for coming to our school and recording us and for making the CD’s that you gave us.

I hope you come back again next year, it was very fun singing and getting recorded for the first time. I felt so excited and nervous, but it was fun.

Yours sincerely, Paul.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Squash Recount

"The ball went too fast I could not hit it fast enough." On Monday the 14th we had Squash in the  school hall. We had two men come to our school to teach us how to play Squash their names were Michael and Phil. Phil taught us skills and Michael was at the squash wall helping us play, I felt nervous when I was playing. In squash you play with a racket and a small fast ball, but when you are practicing you use a softer slower bigger ball.

The squash wall is the wall you have to hit with the ball, the group that I was in went to Phil first, the other group went to the court with Michael. When we were with Phil we learned how to do tricks which were very hard, we had to throw it up and catch without bouncing it and more.

I was very bad at playing Squash because I always lost, every time I got in I always got back out. There are two top players in the world,1 is a girl and 1 is a boy, thier names are, Ramy Ashour, and the girl is Nicole David.

Squash was invented 140 years ago the year that is was invented in was around 1830. In squash they wear shirts, skirts, pants and protective glasses. I have played squash at my school it is very tiring  because you have to run from here to there and hit the ball with the racket.

We only got to play for 3 days, the first day we got to know how to play, the second day we did a rotate, and on the third day we did the same thing, there was a champion from the class on days two and three, the champion on both days was Patrick, he never left the place where you battle people, he never moved to another court because he was always one of the top two players in the court, he was called the king of the court because he kept winning in the court.

When they left the next day I felt sad, tired and happy. Sad because they were leaving, tired because I was always running around and happy because I enjoyed learning how to play squash.