Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Pius X

I drew a picture of Pope Pius the 10th because it is his feast day today. He became a Priest, then a Bishop and a Cardinal and then a Pope.  

Liturgical Calendar

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ant Army

The Army Ant is about hundreds of female ants going out to the school yard to look for food to bring back to their colony.

They found a doughnut that had sugar and jelly. They all took one bite and broke it in half to make it easy to carry back to the colony.

When they were taking the doughnut back to the colony there was trouble. The trouble was a boy running towards them.

Some of the ants got squashed but survived they hurried quick back to the colony.    

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Badminton Report

The main thing to this game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net with the racket and try to get it on the opponent's court.

The equipment you use is a racket, shuttlecock and a net. Badminton is a game with a racket and shuttlecock which is hit over the net using the racket.

When you are practising badminton you use a plastic shuttlecock, but when you're playing for real you use a shuttlecock made out of goose feathers.

The things you wear are a white top, white shorts, if your are boy and if you’re a girl you wear a white top and a white skirt.

The maximum points that you need to win a round of badminton is 21 points. You can play single and doubles, the first serve of the game is from the right half court to the opposite.

It is not a hard game to play. Lots of people can play it.  It’s safe.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Toucan                 Antbird                  

This story is about birds that were not colourful and they were jealous of all the nature around them, because they wanted to be colourful.

The birds kept trying to get colour by rubbing stuff on themselves like blue berries, leaves and grass, none of the items they used work, because the rain washed the colours off.

After the rain went away there was a rainbow that they always liked to look at, but one day the rainbow was dark and black. There was another bird that was from heaven called the Phoenix, who glided down to come and see the birds.

He told them to come with him and fight off thousands of roaches because they were eating the rainbow. Some of the birds went and fought them off and some of them stayed behind.

They were struggling to fight and some of the birds and roaches were falling to the ground, but the bird won. After they finished fighting the roaches the rainbow grow longer and colourful.

The birds flew through the rainbow and turned into rainbow colours. They came back and the other birds that didn’t go were jealous.

The moral of this story is to help each others.