Friday, 9 May 2014

Mothers Day

Today I will be talking about my beautiful Mother, because it is nearly Mothers Day.

When I see my Mom everyday it is one of the best moments of my life because she is beautiful like a rose, she is pretty like the stars at night.

Her food tastes like it is Christmas everyday, especially when it was her awesome delicious  custard pie with whip cream.

She smells nice when she put her lovely perfume on, sometimes it give me a headache but most of the time it smells like red strawberries. When I hear her singing it brightens up my day.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Life Caravan Recount

“GO!” Today we went to the life caravan. There was a lady the lady’s name was Lynn, she taught us about making good choices and decisions.

Yesterday we went to the life caravan in the morning we saw a fake human his name was Pat. He was missing parts inside his body like a heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine, and more.

What I learnt in the life caravan was that fast food restaurants don’t care about your health, if you eat too much junk food you will avnchely die, chicken nugget and french fries can be healthy without deep frying by baking them, and how to make a chocolate moose healthy by putting fruit in to it like a banana.

We also played 2 games, the name of the games were Pictionary, and a thumbs and hand game. Pictionary is when we made 6 groups with 4 people the 4 people had to choose which number they wanted to be from 1 to 4, then 1 person had to go up to Lynn and Lynn will give them a word that will help us with life, then Lynn gave us a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker and then you go back to your group and you have to draw a picture that relates to the word that Lynn give you but you’re not allowed to write the word or sign that they will know.

Thumbs and hands were when a group of people forms a circle and rise there right hand and make it straight, and your left hand with your thumb sticking out.

The whole circle has to be doing it so it can work, then when the whole circle is doing it then you put your thumb underneath the other persons right hand next to you, and then one person in the circle has to say “GO!” and then you close your right hand and try to catch the persons thumb when you put your thumb down without making them catching your thumb at the same time. That is all we did.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

My Favourite Video Game is Battlefield 4. I like Battlefield 4 because you can blow up walls and on one of the maps there is this tall building that you can blow up and then it will fall down.

There are type of game modes. There is Team Deathmatch, Domination, Conquest, and more!! There a lots of maps on the game. The maps are big and small. You can get more maps with the DLC.

The DLC is when new stuff gets put into the game. Like game modes, guns, and maps. There are lots of people that can be put into a server at the same time.

Team deathmatch can only have 20 people just like Domination. But if you want a server with more than 20 people then you will have to play conquest. You will have to play conquest because conquest can have 64 people in one server.

Team Deathmatch is when your team has to get 100 kills, Domination is when you and you will have to capture the other teams flag. Conquest is similar to domination, but instead you have to go around the whole map and capture only 5, flags on all the maps and 7 on one map.

You can play battlefield 4 on Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC (computer), PS3 and PS4. Here are some names of the guns. There is the sks, ak-12, 44 magnum, Intervention, M1911 and more. All these guns in the game are real but they just have different names.

There a 3 DLC’s, there is Second Assault, China Rising, and Naval Strike. Also there is a lot of equipment as well. There is also claymores, C4, EDD bots, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, M2 slam mines, tank mine and more.

There are also lots of grenades like M67 frags, V40 mini, RGO impact, smoke grenades, flashbangs, incendiary grenades and more.

Now since you know a lot about Battlefield 4 you can now play it with your family and friends!!

Friday, 4 April 2014



Today I will be talking about my experience in basketball.

Every Tuesday we always have basketball, basketball is our new kiwi sport but sadly it is coming to an end, our last day is on 1 April also known as April Fools.

Our basketball coach is Vinny, we also had another one for only one day but I forgot his name. We always played a game at the end and sometimes in the beginning we also learn something new when we go to the courts.

We learned not to double dribble double dribble means when you’re bouncing the ball with two hands we also learnt bongo drums. Bongo drums is when you keep bouncing the ball with both of your hands but one by one, and we also learned more.

There a diffrent ways to get the ball in the hoop to score you can get a 3 pointer, slam dunk, half court, full court and 2 pointers. 3 pointer is when you get from the white line, a slam dunk is when run to the hoop and put the ball into the hoop and at the same time you use your hand and touch the hoop, half court is when you start from the half court and throw it into the hoop and get in, full court is sort of the same but you start from the other side of the court and you throw it and you get it in. Two pointer is when you run to the hoop and you get it in.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

All About Me

Malo e lei my name is Paul.
I am year 6.
In my spare time I play games and listen to music.
My favourite subject is maths because I am good at basic facts.
In my family I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters, and my Mum and Dad.