Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Argentina Presentation

On Friday last week we presented our information we discovered about Argentina.  We had a great time presenting to the syndicate.  Here is our presentation and a film of us presenting it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

“Yay we are got touch today.”

On Tuesday the 19th, we a looking forward to touch, we only have it for 3 weeks, touch is our new kiwisport.

The whole school is going to have a touch tournament after we finish. NZ Touch is going to be coaching us when we get there. I think we are going to see rugby balls, cones and a coach.  

We are doing it so we can learn how to play touch. I can’t wait to play touch after morning tea. I am expecting to play with the rugby balls and learn how to kick.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

St Patrick Presentation

The Person Inspires me

The person who inspires me is my Mum, she inspires me because she buys me games, food, and drinks. She does the cooking for me and my family to eat, she pays for the power bills and the water bills and she makes me laugh all the time. My Mum makes me happy most of the times. That is way my Mum inspires me.  

Friday, 15 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival

“Yay we’re going to the movies.”

On Wednesday 13th November 2013 we went to the cinemas in Sylvia Park, to watch the Manaiakalani film festival which was made by all the 13 schools in the whole cluster.

We hopped into the bus and sat down then we set off. When we got there we could see lots of other schools. We saw St Patricks, Glen Innes Primary, Panmure Bridge, St Pius X School and Pt England.

We got inside the theater and all we could see was a gigantic screen and lots and lots of chairs. The chairs were so comfortable, we sat down then suddenly the lights turned off.

We started watching lots and lots of films. My class was first, our movie was about Success. We had four things happening in one movie, we all got split up into four groups. There was Tokilupe’s group, Patrick’s group, Alecia’s group, and Roserine’s group. There were main characters in all four groups, the main character in Tokilupe’s group was Seauti, Alecia’s was Rosalina, Patrick’s was his whole group, and Roserine’s was Victoria.  

After our movie it was Glen Innes Primary School, their movie was about no more chocolate in the world. At the end two girls made chocolate that was called the Wonka chocolate.

We saw 17 movies but altogether there were 62 movies made in the cluster. My favourite movie was ‘No Chocolate in the World’ by Glen Innes Primary because at the end they made a chocolate that looked so yummy.

There was a lot of awesome and funny movies. We also saw Room 6 and Room 7’s movie from our school. Room 7 was singing their song that they made this year with a video clip, room 6 movie was about Lockdown, when a bad person came and had their basketball, it turned out to be Mr Slade Room 6’s teacher pretending to be the bad guy until he took off his hoodie.

That was the 1 of the best days of my life.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practise 5

On a boring hot afternoon at work the boss Carl was bored, so he went down stairs and said to Margaret, “can I blow dry your hair.”

Margaret said to him in a angry loud voice “NO!” the whole office heard her, Carl still kept asking and always finished the sentence with please, but Margaret got annoyed so she pretend he wasn’t there.

So Carl got even bored so he stopped. The next day came, he didn’t ask this time he just sneak and blow dried her hair she got angry and a little happy because her hair was nice.

She said to him “what a you doing?” he said “your hair did not look great so I blowed dried it.” she did not know that so she said “can you do it again” so he did it and this time she laughed, and that was the happiest not boring work day ever.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practise 4

On a lovely sunny day a family went to the zoo, “I can’t wait when we get there.”said Freddy and Chloe.

When they got there they went looked at all of the different animals first they went and saw the big elephants, then they went and saw the slidey snakes, and after the lazy lions sitting on a big rocks and the awesome sea lions, and the monkeys.

When they went and saw the monkeys Freddy and Chloe wanted to touch one, they said to there Mum and Dad, “Mum and Dad can we touch a monkey” but Mum and Dad said “no” they got angry.

They asked again and again and again, Mum and Dad still said “NO!” “When Mum and Dad turns around lets touch one,” said Chloe “ok” said Freddy.

Mum and Dad turned around to have a conversation, Chloe and Freddy touched a monkey the monkey felt it, the monkey turned around and started to scream and that made all the other monkeys scream.

The zoo keeper came and asked the family what happened and the family explained everything, then the zoo keepers said to feed them some bananas.

So they were feeding the monkeys bananas to calm down the monkeys were calming down they calmed down and the zoo keeper went back.

Freddy and Chloe said to Mum and Dad, “sorry Mum and Dad we won’t do it again, we promise” the Mum and Dad was not angry at them anymore. So they went around the zoo and never touched a animal.  

Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt practise 2

On a lovely sunny afternoon at the beach there were so many people there, a family came to the beach but they had nowhere to sit, because it was too crowded.

They found this fantastic place near by the water. So they said to the son and daughter to stay here and look after the spot, so they went to the car and got everything out and to it to the fantastic place.

When they got back to the fantastic place there son and daughter got pushed from this big guy who took their fantastic spot.

The parents came and told the big guy to get off there spot that their children we’re sitting on he still said no then the parents bought out a mince and cheese pie the parents said will trade you this for the spot he still said no.

The parents asked what he wanted, then he said fifty dollars, the parents gave him fifty dollars and then he got up and went.