Wednesday, 20 February 2013

e-Learning Vocabulary

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - Somewhere you post your ideas.

Post - Sharing something to your blog.

Comment -  Saying something about someones post.

Wireless -  Connecting to the internet.

Email -  Receiving and getting messages.

Username - My name for an account.

Password - A secret code just for me.

Screenshot - Taking a pictures.

Desktop - The main screen on my netbook.


Pt. 4 No. 1 , 2008

1) Put a word that means to same as the bolded word from the
   Thesaurus in the space.

I knelt beside/ next to Diggity.  He made no effort/ mental energy to get up.  His neck was a pulpy mass/large amount of blood, and his rib cage rose and fell unevenly/ not equally.  Dad scooped/ grabbed him into his arms and staggered/ walked unsteadily up the beach.  Mum and Lucy were already in the car with the hatch/ boot up and engine running.  The vet said Diggity had lost heaps/ lots of blood.  The outlook/ future wasn’t good.  When the phone rang/ was ringing later that evening, nobody was in a hurry to answer/ reply to it.  But Diggity did survive.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Silly Story

 “Come on Paul lets got to the library” said Gingerbread man happily. Me and a Gingerbread man went to the Glen Innes library and we got there on foot.

When we got there, there was lots of books the Gingerbread man wanted to read. We decided that we wanted a book that had treasure on it, so they went off looking for a book with treasure in it. Finally they found a book and it was called ‘The Treasure That Was Lost In The Sea’. They went to a table and read it.

The book was about a shark that was guarding treasure and a scuba diver went under water and found the treasure chest. He wondered what was inside and he decided he was going to open it. The shark came around and saw him, but the scuba diver swam all the way up to the surface and got onto a boat safely “that was a close one,” he said. He went off and told his friends about the treasure.

The scuba diver came back with his friend and made a trap, one of them had to go and make the shark follow him to the trap. It was made out of ropes. The shark followed one of the divers and the ropes came down from the surface the shark got caught. They killed the shark and went and got the treasure. Inside the treasure box was chocolate, gold money! They ate some of it and sold the others to their friends and ended up with lots of real money.

The End.

Friday, 15 February 2013

My Holidays

“Yes we're going to the movies” I shouted. During the holidays me and my sister’s went to the movies and watched ‘Wreck It Ralph’.

My Mum and Dad dropped us off outside of pak n save so we could buy our food. After we bought our food we walked all the way to the cinema, it was kind of a long walk but we got there.

First we paid for the tickets and after we got the tickets we went to the man in front of the gate and gave him the tickets and walked inside and chose a seat. We waited for the lights to turn off then suddenly Boom! the lights turned off and the shorts of the films coming out soon started.  

Wreck it Ralph was all about the video games coming to life, like street fighter, pac man and there was another game called fix it felix. Fix it felix is the game that Wreck it Ralph was in. Wreck it Ralph always smashed into buildings and Felix had to fix the buildings and dodge the bricks that Ralph was dropping. Ralph was a bad guy but he didn’t want to be a bad guy. Every day when the shop closed Ralph went and visited pac man and the other video games inside pac man video game.

That day we also we celebrated my Mum’s birthday on 31st Jan and we had a family bbq. I enjoyed my holidays and wished they were longer because I like sleeping in and staying up late.