Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hokulea Visit

In this picture the Hokulea has arrived and everyone is getting ready to sing the songs.

Reading Notes

Reading Notes

In class we know how to read Music.

Mums Birthday


We woke up on a bright sunny day I almost forgot that it was my mum’s birthday until I heard, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” I quickly went to say happy birthday to my lovely mum. My Dad took my mum out to play bingo, well me and my whole family went out to buy the best things that were good for a surprise party.

So me and my sisters, including my little niece rushed out of the house and went to the warehouse to get decorations for the birthday, we grabbed balloons, streamers, and more stuff.
We quickly rushed out to the next location but first we had some Burger King.

Next we had to go to cheesecake shop so we can get my mum two cakes the two cakes were a Chocolate mud cake and a American Cheese Cake that said ’Happy 21st Birthday Mum’ . We waited for a while the we left as soon as we got it, then we made another quick stop at McDonalds.

After we went to pak’n’save but time was not on our side so we called my dad to give us extra time, so he did. We finally got to pak’n’save and grabbed the food we needed. My sister took us all home so we can get ready for the birthday. My sister’s went out again to buy something, I did not know what they were going to buy.

When they came back home I realised that they went out and bought 8 bottles of fizzy drinks. They came back and my whole family put the food on the table we were so hungry, we were finally finished with everything now all we had to do was play the waiting game.

My sisters were all excited to surprise my mother they were going on and on about what they were going to say well my brothers were on the phone. When they walked in we gave my mum a big “SURPRISE!” then after we did that we sat down and we all sang happy birthday to the best mum ever.

Then everything was finish we ate more food afterwards, and my mother was overjoyed, and we had more cake and ice cream. Later we eventually had to clean everything up.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Pt England


Pt England

Before my eyes an amazing
scene unfolded ........
the calm waters of the Tamaki estuary
bush covered headland
green banks covered with trees.
Quiet and calm.

On the 25th of February we went to Pt England to see a special boat that had been traveling for 40 years around the world.

The juniors took a bus to Pt England and the seniors walked there.
The walk was so exhausting because we walked down Line Road and went through the reserve behind the police station. The best part of the walk, was when we went through the reserve because it was nice and quiet, and there was a tree that had fallen on another tree.
That was an amazing scene.

It was so hot that most the kids couldn't take it and they had to take off their jumpers, We kept walking and walking, we went past a small farm that only had a black horse and a white horse,
When we got there thousands of kids were there and lots of people were there. There was 12 different kind of schools the schools were Glen Brae, Glen Innes Primary, Pt England, and more of the schools that I can’t remember what there name is.

Later we got to see the Hokulea and another boat. After that we heard speeches from kids my age and elders. Then the crew from the Houkela got to talk. We got to high five the crew some of them were from my school some of them knew us.

At the end it was cool because instead of walking back to school we got a ride back to school thanks to Mr Gaffney.  

When we got back to school we had morning tea.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


This term my class has been learning 3 different types of sentences in writing. The sentences are Compound, Complex, and simple.
Complex Sentence - Is 2 independent clauses or more coming together to make 1 sentence. Example: Because I like grammar, I love this class. Simple Sentence - Example: I have a pet dog named Sheryl.
Compound Sentence - Includes the words - for, and, so, but, or and yet. Or will have a semi-colon and is made up with 2 or more simple sentences.

Red - Compound
Blue - Complex
Yellow - Simple

We went home and put the food on the table chose a song to play on the speaker. Got my little niece to sit on a chair. We had balloons on the wall. Then when they walked in my family said SURPRISE!!!!!!

My mum was overjoyed. Then we ate all the food.

Names of Jesus

Monday, 2 March 2015


Acrostic Poem

R - R is for Relying on  each other, When Relating we need to rely on one another
E - E is for Excellent when we do our work, we need to have excellent, in our work.
L - L is for Love, we show Love by helping other when they struggle in their work.
A -  A is for Affection, We need to use affection when we relate to others
T - T for Trust. Trust is a big part of relating to others so you believe in someone.
I - I is for Integrity, Integrity is being honest with your classmates and doing the right thing.  
N - N is for Nobility, When we relating to others, we need to have nobility .

G - G is for Glue, we need to glue together to be able to relate