Friday, 15 February 2013

My Holidays

“Yes we're going to the movies” I shouted. During the holidays me and my sister’s went to the movies and watched ‘Wreck It Ralph’.

My Mum and Dad dropped us off outside of pak n save so we could buy our food. After we bought our food we walked all the way to the cinema, it was kind of a long walk but we got there.

First we paid for the tickets and after we got the tickets we went to the man in front of the gate and gave him the tickets and walked inside and chose a seat. We waited for the lights to turn off then suddenly Boom! the lights turned off and the shorts of the films coming out soon started.  

Wreck it Ralph was all about the video games coming to life, like street fighter, pac man and there was another game called fix it felix. Fix it felix is the game that Wreck it Ralph was in. Wreck it Ralph always smashed into buildings and Felix had to fix the buildings and dodge the bricks that Ralph was dropping. Ralph was a bad guy but he didn’t want to be a bad guy. Every day when the shop closed Ralph went and visited pac man and the other video games inside pac man video game.

That day we also we celebrated my Mum’s birthday on 31st Jan and we had a family bbq. I enjoyed my holidays and wished they were longer because I like sleeping in and staying up late.

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  1. Hi Paul, I have been reading through your posts this evening and really enjoying seeing what you have chosen to share here. I like your poems and writing and I enjoyed seeing how clever you were at using a thesaurus in reading. I stopped on this post to leave you a comment because you reminded me of the good time I had when I went to see Wreck It Ralph. That was such a fun movie.

    Keep up the fabulous work here

    Mrs Burt