Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Did you know that there is snake that is more poisonous than a cobra?.... its called the yellow-bellied sea snake.

The yellow-bellied sea snake can swim underwater for three hours and it has a flat tail. It eats fish eggs, small fish and eels. It paralyses it’s food with venom before swallowing it whole. The snake can inject venom up to an hour after death too.  

There was a boy who found a yellow-bellied sea snake that got washed up on the beach and caught in a seaweed. He grabbed a stick and touched it just to see if it was dead, which it was. The next day he took it to his school and a cameraman and a newspaper reporter came to his school and they were taking pictures with the yellow-bellied sea snake. It was hard for them to smile because the snake looked really scary and still alive.

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