Thursday, 4 April 2013


On Friday I went to Polyfest to see my sisters Lavinia and Rita perform. We left at 7:30am so when we got there it wasn’t packed with people. We had to walk for half an hour because there were no parking spaces, so we parked outside of the diary.

When we got there, there were no chairs but luckily we brought a mat and chairs so we could sit down. It was very, very hot, I grabbed the umbrella and used it for shelter. We were waiting for a long time and we had to wait until it was 11:40am. It was a great performance when they were using the sticks, they weren’t standing on stage they were outside on the concrete, me and my other sister was taking pictures i was happy for them.

After the performance we had a break. We all went to get some food and ice-cream and after our break we had to go sit back down.

We had to waited again for the next performance from Auckland Girls Grammar school. It was so boring waiting,  the other performances were all right. We had to wait, wait and wait, I was so bored.

Finally they said “give around of applause for Auckland Girls Grammar School” they were so cool my mum was very very happy, she was singing what they were saying we were proud of them. After their performance we came back home we didn’t know who won they were going to tell us who won the next day, I had lots of fun at the polyfest.

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