Saturday, 3 August 2013

Badminton Report

The main thing to this game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net with the racket and try to get it on the opponent's court.

The equipment you use is a racket, shuttlecock and a net. Badminton is a game with a racket and shuttlecock which is hit over the net using the racket.

When you are practising badminton you use a plastic shuttlecock, but when you're playing for real you use a shuttlecock made out of goose feathers.

The things you wear are a white top, white shorts, if your are boy and if you’re a girl you wear a white top and a white skirt.

The maximum points that you need to win a round of badminton is 21 points. You can play single and doubles, the first serve of the game is from the right half court to the opposite.

It is not a hard game to play. Lots of people can play it.  It’s safe.

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