Friday, 24 July 2015

Dads 50th Birthday

Dads 50th Birthday

On July 9th 2015 it was my dad’s 50th birthday, we celebrated his 50th birthday at SKY CITY at the restaurant Fortuna. We started the day off by having a really big breakfast. After that my family and I went out to buy some gifts for my Dad.

Later on the day it reached seven o’ clock my family and I were all set and ready to go to the restaurant, when we arrived at the restaurant It was really packed. We were guided to the table where we seated ourselves, just as soon as we sat down we saw my brother and his family coming to say happy birthday to my dad.

First of all we sang happy birthday to him in the restaurant, and then we went and eat heaps of things. I first started with dessert, and I had a mountain ice-cream with chocolate covered syrup over it. Next I started with fish and chips, with a bowl of sushi and nachos. Later that night we had to go home because my whole family was full.

When we got home we rushed to our room to go and sleep. My dad felt really happy on his 50th birthday because most of his family was there to sing happy birthday to him. I was also really happy because I got to eat heaps of things without having to clean my mess.
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