Friday, 28 August 2015

Kelly Tarlton Trip

Kelly Tarlton Trip

On August the 20th the whole of Saint Pius X Catholic School went to Kelly Tarltons to study about sea life. As soon as we went inside we descend down these stair, we were halfway down the ramp until a lady greeted us and told us what to do, where to go, and no running. After the lady finished talking she went away, and we carried on going down the ramp.

The first place we visited was Captain Scott’s old hut. This was a copy of the real hut that is in Antarctica, we saw how he was surviving on Antarctica, and what he used to survive. He was in Antarctica because he was trying to make his way to the North Pole. `

He was almost there but sadly he died in the cold. But inside the hut was very interesting things, there was mittens, boots, beds, a dinner table, a record player, and more things. When we finished there we went to see the PENGUINS!!!

When we went to see the penguins we saw heaps, we could see king penguins, emperor penguins, and baby penguins, we were reading information on the boards. We even got to see how they swim it was really cool but right next to the penguin was this table with 2 holes in them, but if you stick your hands in them there is actually really cold water with ice. When you take your hands out, your hand will be numb so than their is a towel to dry your hands.

The next animals we went to see, was the STING RAYS!!!!! When we went to see them there was a cafe right next to them so we decided to eat our morning tea next to them. Apparently at Kelly Tarltons they have the biggest sting ray in the worlds. But at kelly tarlton all their stingrays were girls.
It was really cool because a lady went inside with the stingrays and she was feeding them parts of squids and they really liked it. A fun fact about stingrays is they can sense if you're scared of them. But if it is your first time the stingrays will come up to you and splash water on your. Around the stingray area was a Megalodon Jaw. It was so big the I could fit inside the jaw. The next part of the trip we went inside are aquarium.

At this aquarium all we had to do was just stand on a platform and it will move us forward, but while you are standing on the platform we went by heaps of different sea creatures like a clown fish, blue tang, sharks, and more. When we finished we went up stairs to go and check out the seahorses.

When we arrived there was different kinds of seahorses, their was even a spot with a tv, and a chair that we could sit on. We were watching how they catched spiny seahorses, as soon as it finished we went to the education room to learn more about sea creatures.

We got to hold a shark jaw, the shark jaw my group held was a bull shark jaw, we got touch shark eggs, a very dry seahorse, and shark skin. When we finished there we had to go back to the bus, because it was time to go. Overall I thought it was pretty boring, because I have already been there before and the only new thing was the education room.

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