Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Days at Rainbows End

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A Day at Rainbows End

During the 1st week of School Holidays it was my birthday, we celebrated my birthday by going to rainbows end. When we arrived, the first ride we went on was the Scorpion Karts. Me and my family had a race, I did terrible  because I came 3rd out of my family, it was really funny because my sisters would always crash into each other. Next we went to the Pirate Ship.

I thought that the pirate ship was scarier than the fear fall because the fear fall goes down very fast and the pirate ship keeps on going up and down until it goes very high and that’s when it starts to come down. But after that it was the Bumper Carts.

When we got to the bumper carts me and my family made a plan if we get bumped by anyone we will all go for that one person until they stop the ride. During that one of my family members bumped into me and we all went after her. We stopped bumping into her when the ride stop. After we went on the Bumper Boats.

The bumper boats was my least favorite because I got wet all the time so I am not going to talk about that. But the last ride we went on was the Family Karts. This was my favorite ride, because my sister would always crash into the corners, and the last time she crashed she went over the
barricade and me and my family started to laugh but then when we finished we went home.

Overall I think that was one of the best birthdays ever because that was my first time going to Rainbows End.

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