Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sailing at Kohimarama


On Thursday 12th November room 7 went sailing at Kohimarama Beach.

We were divided into 2 equal groups, there were 12 in each group it was the morning group and afternoon group. I was put in the morning, we all arrived to school in our normal clothes and not in our school uniform. When we arrived at Kohimarama Beach, there were boats that weren’t set up. So the morning group got to set up the sail and got to sail first, it was also fun in the morning group because the tide was in and we got to sail even further.

When we got the boats in the water we had to help our partners get in the boat, my partner was Justin and he went first, it was very funny because while he was out in sea he somehow managed to flip the boat, but then the    instructor helped him flip the boat back around.

Justin was coming back alongside all the other boats, when he came back it was my turn to go on the boat, it was very hard steering the boat because you had to do two things at once. The two things you have to do is control the sail and steer the boat to the right direction.

After when we finish sailing we got change and had launch. This was 1 of the best days of my life.

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