Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Pencil

Pencils are made out of wood, when you sharpen them they get sharp and pointy. If you sharpen them too much they will become small.

Inside pencils it is called a lead, you use the lead to draw and write with. You can break it but it is hard to break, the pencils are very useful for making things colourful.

You can write or draw with pens, felts, colour pencils and paintbrushes. You can draw or write on cardboard, paper or coloured paper.

They feel hard as a rock and are seen or found in the classroom, draws, containers and in your school office.

Pencils are shaped as circles and hexagons. You can create with the pencil as well like shading and drawing light and hard.

Pencils are better than pens because when you make a mistake you can rub it out but if you use a pen and you make a mistake you can’t rub it out. That's why pencils aa why better than pens.

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