Friday, 14 June 2013

Swimming Recount

One week and 3 days ago we had swimming, a swimming pool arrive. It was fun at swimming, we had two instructors. They were a man and a woman and their names were Jillian and Kevin.

We learned new things every single day. We learned how to do arm circles, arm circles are when you put your hand under the water and lift it back up into the sky and bring back to the surface of the water and do the same thing over and over again.
We also learnt how to do torpedoes, torpedoes are when you kick the wall and dive under, we also did gliding and floating. It was fun, we had races and challenges when we did challenges, you had to get to the other side without standing up. After challenges we had races, we had to get into pairs, you are given a number, you have to remember what number you are so when the instructor says your number you can do anything you want to get to the other side, but if you stand up your other teammate wins.

Our water in the swimming pool is warm but sometimes it is cold. There was two groups, I’m in the second group, the maximum of people in the group are 12.

After all the lessons are finished you get free time, if you're quick, otherwise you have to get out of the pool.

It’s fun swimming because you can do anything but first you need to learn how to swim. In the swimming pools it is sometimes cold but most of the time it is warm, I swam with other students in the swimming pool. it’s fun swimming in the swimming pool because there is are instructor to help you in the swimming pool my favourite thing to do in the swimming pools is floating because you relax.  

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  1. Paul that is a great writing I like the way that you were having fun also that you float on the water and that you relax, I like these writing.