Thursday, 14 May 2015

Swimming Reccount

Swimming Recount

Just before big lunch room 7 had their first swim in 2 years at St Pius X School. There were a lot of excited people ready to swim, I was excited too, but when I saw the pool I was more excited because I thought it was going to be warm. But sadly when I entered the water I was freezing.

First to begin with, we went into a tent to get change, there was a boys tent and a girls tent. When we finished changing out of our school uniform we were greeted from a lady outside her name was Pam. She told us where we will be going inside the swimming pool.

When we got in the massive tent with the swimming pool inside we saw our instructors. First we were tested to see if we were good or alright. The alright people went to level 1 with one of the instructors, the level 1 instructor name was Joseph. The good people went to level 2 with a different instructor and her name was Emma.

I was put into level 1 we first used the floating boards to glide through the water. We kept practising with the floating boards, and then we used no floating boards. After we kept doing the samething with the boards and then stopped and used no boards.

Later we had to go out because the next class came.
But overall swimming is a awesome kiwisport, it is a really good exercise to do.

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  1. You need more swimming lessons to be a better swimmer.
    Keep it up son.