Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Spark Headquarters

Spark Headquarters                              23/05/2016

Yesterday, Sunday 22 May, some of the Room 7 and Room 5 students went to the Spark Headquarters.  We went by bus.  It felt funny going on a school trip on a Sunday but was excited to go.  

We participated in different activities.  My favourite activity was 3D printer.
This was my favourite activity because we got to design what we wanted to create with the 3D printer. Sadly, my creations were not going to be printed because it will just take to long. I created a car using a program called Tinkcad.  I was very creative with my online construction.  I was disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to print, however, I now know how to access this program.  I realised how some toys are made, like the little toys at McDonald.  I might look for job like that in the future.


  1. Hi Paul

    Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I have experienced 3D Printing before and it is really interesting and cool. Great Writing Paul, one thing you need to work on is to proofread your writing so it can make sense. Other than that Great Work Paul Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Paul
    Wow everything you wrote in this writing sounded like you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed being at Spark Headquarters. I am sorry that you didn't have a chance on the 3D printer but at least you had fun?? Anyway I really enjoyed reading your writing, maybe you could just proofread your work because I could see some mistakes and maybe you could make your sentences a little bit longer, but besides that I enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Paul

    I Like your writing about the Spark Headquarters and how you liked the 3D Printing and how you liked to make stuff from a computer.I like how you used your punctuation.

    See Ya