Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

On Monday the 23rd there was a Duffy Theatre performance in the hall. Most of St Pius X School was there but Room 7 wasn’t there because they were at League with Kouma.

There were people came and did a play about Duffy, hes a school boy who always wears a hat. There were 2 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys and the girl were from Samoa and the other boy was a Kiwi. The two boy’s went and got dressed into their costumes and the girl stayed while we played a Samoa game.

The name of the play the duffy theatre did was called “Duffy Loses His Words.” It was about when Duffy was telling his little brother Scruffy what happened yesterday in his book because he wrote it down when he lost his words.

It all started when he was sleeping, a bad guy came, his name was Votra he was a bad guy he had a toilet plunger on his head. Votra made Duffy be the director of a game called “Intergalatic Word Competition”. Votra had a competition with Lovely and they had to name lots of types of food. The one that got the most was the winner, Votra got angry because he lost. In the next round there was a girl called Rude. This time they had to say as many street words as they could. The audience helped Votra but he lost.
After that Duffy lost his words and Afi got the words back from Votra.

At the end of the show Tokilupe thanked the Duffy people for coming to our school. I liked the show, the best part for me was when Duffy got his words back, it made me feel happy and excited for him.

We all went back to class and then went outside for lunch.

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