Monday, 2 September 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. On Friday 23rd of August 2013 St Pius X School celebrated St Pius X Feast day. We all had a whole school mass in the church, we were singing beautiful songs and listening to students speaking.

After that the whole school mass we went to the hall and had cake, the cake was banana cake with cream on top, the cake was so delicious. Next we had morning tea and after morning tea we went back to the hall because there was a concert.

Room 1 and 2 sang a song I don’t what the song was called but it was so good, we all clap for room 1 and 2. After room 1 and 2 was room 4, they were singing just a single candle and they were awesome singing. Everyone clapped loudly for room 4.

Room 5 came up and sang Paradise, Moto was the solo, he was so good and so was the rest of room 5. Room 3 sang Haere Mai and Something in the water. There were two soloists, they were Ezra and Tokilupe. Ezra was the soloist for Haere Mai, and Tokilupe was soloist for Something in the water, everyone clapped.

Next was room 6 singing Mali Mali Mai with the ukuleles. They were so good and after their performance was room 7 singing Let it go and Moving Sun, also an instrumental song, they were good.

After the concert it was big lunch, next we went back into the hall and saw a woman who plays the euphorium. The euphorium is a rare instrument, it costs lots of money. She played a little bit for us and took a picture of the whole school.

After lunch we went to the courts to see the basketball tournament. First it was my team Tuis vs Keas, Keas was so good but my team Tuis won. Next was Geckos vs Kiwis, some of my friends were playing, it was a hard game but Geckos won. It was loud the cheering because each time when one team got a score the whole teams say “YAY!”.

We didn’t see the last two teams play basketball because we ran out of time so they played the following Friday. It was so awesome when we all went home we all had a smile on our faces.   

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