Monday, 23 September 2013

Kids for kids Recount

“Clap clap clap YAY!” says the audience.

At night time on Friday the 13th of September it was the Kids for Kids Concert. Kids for kids is when children sing together from other schools. It was at the Life Convention Centre in Mangere.

There was Jackie Clarke who sang with us also Nathan King, there was a Funky Monkey guy too, his name is Chris Clarke. There was also a girl her name was Dayna. When we were at backstage crazy children were running around.

We had to wear coloured shirts and the boys wore shorts and girls had to wear skirts. We weren’t allowed to wear black and white because the lights were hot. When we got up I was nervous, we sat down and there was lots of schools. There was 15 rows, there was only 14 kids who represented St Pius X, we were on rows 3 and 2.

We only sang half of the songs and had a 20 minute break and in the 20 minute break we had cookies, chocolate and played games which were Monkey Barrell and Knuckle Bones.

When we got back up on the stage we sang the rest of the songs then we finished and we had to go backstage. I felt happy when I was singing. We had to wait for our Mum and Dad to come and my Mum came and my dad was waiting in the car.

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