Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practise 5

On a boring hot afternoon at work the boss Carl was bored, so he went down stairs and said to Margaret, “can I blow dry your hair.”

Margaret said to him in a angry loud voice “NO!” the whole office heard her, Carl still kept asking and always finished the sentence with please, but Margaret got annoyed so she pretend he wasn’t there.

So Carl got even bored so he stopped. The next day came, he didn’t ask this time he just sneak and blow dried her hair she got angry and a little happy because her hair was nice.

She said to him “what a you doing?” he said “your hair did not look great so I blowed dried it.” she did not know that so she said “can you do it again” so he did it and this time she laughed, and that was the happiest not boring work day ever.

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