Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practise 4

On a lovely sunny day a family went to the zoo, “I can’t wait when we get there.”said Freddy and Chloe.

When they got there they went looked at all of the different animals first they went and saw the big elephants, then they went and saw the slidey snakes, and after the lazy lions sitting on a big rocks and the awesome sea lions, and the monkeys.

When they went and saw the monkeys Freddy and Chloe wanted to touch one, they said to there Mum and Dad, “Mum and Dad can we touch a monkey” but Mum and Dad said “no” they got angry.

They asked again and again and again, Mum and Dad still said “NO!” “When Mum and Dad turns around lets touch one,” said Chloe “ok” said Freddy.

Mum and Dad turned around to have a conversation, Chloe and Freddy touched a monkey the monkey felt it, the monkey turned around and started to scream and that made all the other monkeys scream.

The zoo keeper came and asked the family what happened and the family explained everything, then the zoo keepers said to feed them some bananas.

So they were feeding the monkeys bananas to calm down the monkeys were calming down they calmed down and the zoo keeper went back.

Freddy and Chloe said to Mum and Dad, “sorry Mum and Dad we won’t do it again, we promise” the Mum and Dad was not angry at them anymore. So they went around the zoo and never touched a animal.  

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