Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt practise 2

On a lovely sunny afternoon at the beach there were so many people there, a family came to the beach but they had nowhere to sit, because it was too crowded.

They found this fantastic place near by the water. So they said to the son and daughter to stay here and look after the spot, so they went to the car and got everything out and to it to the fantastic place.

When they got back to the fantastic place there son and daughter got pushed from this big guy who took their fantastic spot.

The parents came and told the big guy to get off there spot that their children we’re sitting on he still said no then the parents bought out a mince and cheese pie the parents said will trade you this for the spot he still said no.

The parents asked what he wanted, then he said fifty dollars, the parents gave him fifty dollars and then he got up and went.

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