Thursday, 10 April 2014

Life Caravan Recount

“GO!” Today we went to the life caravan. There was a lady the lady’s name was Lynn, she taught us about making good choices and decisions.

Yesterday we went to the life caravan in the morning we saw a fake human his name was Pat. He was missing parts inside his body like a heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine, and more.

What I learnt in the life caravan was that fast food restaurants don’t care about your health, if you eat too much junk food you will avnchely die, chicken nugget and french fries can be healthy without deep frying by baking them, and how to make a chocolate moose healthy by putting fruit in to it like a banana.

We also played 2 games, the name of the games were Pictionary, and a thumbs and hand game. Pictionary is when we made 6 groups with 4 people the 4 people had to choose which number they wanted to be from 1 to 4, then 1 person had to go up to Lynn and Lynn will give them a word that will help us with life, then Lynn gave us a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker and then you go back to your group and you have to draw a picture that relates to the word that Lynn give you but you’re not allowed to write the word or sign that they will know.

Thumbs and hands were when a group of people forms a circle and rise there right hand and make it straight, and your left hand with your thumb sticking out.

The whole circle has to be doing it so it can work, then when the whole circle is doing it then you put your thumb underneath the other persons right hand next to you, and then one person in the circle has to say “GO!” and then you close your right hand and try to catch the persons thumb when you put your thumb down without making them catching your thumb at the same time. That is all we did.

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