Friday, 4 April 2014



Today I will be talking about my experience in basketball.

Every Tuesday we always have basketball, basketball is our new kiwi sport but sadly it is coming to an end, our last day is on 1 April also known as April Fools.

Our basketball coach is Vinny, we also had another one for only one day but I forgot his name. We always played a game at the end and sometimes in the beginning we also learn something new when we go to the courts.

We learned not to double dribble double dribble means when you’re bouncing the ball with two hands we also learnt bongo drums. Bongo drums is when you keep bouncing the ball with both of your hands but one by one, and we also learned more.

There a diffrent ways to get the ball in the hoop to score you can get a 3 pointer, slam dunk, half court, full court and 2 pointers. 3 pointer is when you get from the white line, a slam dunk is when run to the hoop and put the ball into the hoop and at the same time you use your hand and touch the hoop, half court is when you start from the half court and throw it into the hoop and get in, full court is sort of the same but you start from the other side of the court and you throw it and you get it in. Two pointer is when you run to the hoop and you get it in.

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