Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

My Favourite Video Game is Battlefield 4. I like Battlefield 4 because you can blow up walls and on one of the maps there is this tall building that you can blow up and then it will fall down.

There are type of game modes. There is Team Deathmatch, Domination, Conquest, and more!! There a lots of maps on the game. The maps are big and small. You can get more maps with the DLC.

The DLC is when new stuff gets put into the game. Like game modes, guns, and maps. There are lots of people that can be put into a server at the same time.

Team deathmatch can only have 20 people just like Domination. But if you want a server with more than 20 people then you will have to play conquest. You will have to play conquest because conquest can have 64 people in one server.

Team Deathmatch is when your team has to get 100 kills, Domination is when you and you will have to capture the other teams flag. Conquest is similar to domination, but instead you have to go around the whole map and capture only 5, flags on all the maps and 7 on one map.

You can play battlefield 4 on Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC (computer), PS3 and PS4. Here are some names of the guns. There is the sks, ak-12, 44 magnum, Intervention, M1911 and more. All these guns in the game are real but they just have different names.

There a 3 DLC’s, there is Second Assault, China Rising, and Naval Strike. Also there is a lot of equipment as well. There is also claymores, C4, EDD bots, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, M2 slam mines, tank mine and more.

There are also lots of grenades like M67 frags, V40 mini, RGO impact, smoke grenades, flashbangs, incendiary grenades and more.

Now since you know a lot about Battlefield 4 you can now play it with your family and friends!!

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