Thursday, 19 March 2015


This term my class has been learning 3 different types of sentences in writing. The sentences are Compound, Complex, and simple.
Complex Sentence - Is 2 independent clauses or more coming together to make 1 sentence. Example: Because I like grammar, I love this class. Simple Sentence - Example: I have a pet dog named Sheryl.
Compound Sentence - Includes the words - for, and, so, but, or and yet. Or will have a semi-colon and is made up with 2 or more simple sentences.

Red - Compound
Blue - Complex
Yellow - Simple

We went home and put the food on the table chose a song to play on the speaker. Got my little niece to sit on a chair. We had balloons on the wall. Then when they walked in my family said SURPRISE!!!!!!

My mum was overjoyed. Then we ate all the food.

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  1. Very good, son.
    Keep up the good sentences.

    Dad :)