Monday, 30 March 2015

Pt England


Pt England

Before my eyes an amazing
scene unfolded ........
the calm waters of the Tamaki estuary
bush covered headland
green banks covered with trees.
Quiet and calm.

On the 25th of February we went to Pt England to see a special boat that had been traveling for 40 years around the world.

The juniors took a bus to Pt England and the seniors walked there.
The walk was so exhausting because we walked down Line Road and went through the reserve behind the police station. The best part of the walk, was when we went through the reserve because it was nice and quiet, and there was a tree that had fallen on another tree.
That was an amazing scene.

It was so hot that most the kids couldn't take it and they had to take off their jumpers, We kept walking and walking, we went past a small farm that only had a black horse and a white horse,
When we got there thousands of kids were there and lots of people were there. There was 12 different kind of schools the schools were Glen Brae, Glen Innes Primary, Pt England, and more of the schools that I can’t remember what there name is.

Later we got to see the Hokulea and another boat. After that we heard speeches from kids my age and elders. Then the crew from the Houkela got to talk. We got to high five the crew some of them were from my school some of them knew us.

At the end it was cool because instead of walking back to school we got a ride back to school thanks to Mr Gaffney.  

When we got back to school we had morning tea.

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  1. What an amazing writing son.
    Well done and keep writing.
    Dad :)