Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Milo of Croton

Day 2. Winter Journey Activity

Activity 2: For this activity we have to find 3 interesting facts about 'Milo of Croton'. Below are 3 interesting facts I found out about 'Milo of Croton' 
 (Fact 1) -  Milo of Croton was a wrestler in the 6th century BC.
 (Fact 2) - Milo of Croton fought in the army
 (Fact 3) - His time of death was unknown, but its is believed that he was trying to cut down a tree, but his hand got stuck, and a pack of wolves, devoured him. 

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  1. Hi Paul!

    It is great to see that you've posted another blog for the Winter Learning Journey programme. I really enjoyed reading through your list of facts about Milo of Croton. He was certainly an interesting man and a very successful wrestler. Did you know that he won a total of six Olympic crowns? That was virtually unheard of in the ancient Olympics. These days we have had a number of athletes who have equalled his record and a few who have even surpassed it. The most successful male Olympian in the modern day is a man named Michael Phelps. He is a swimmer from the United States of America who has won 22 Olympic medals in total. That is pretty amazing 'eh?! He is going to be competing at the Rio Olympics so you'll want to look out for him...

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers, Rachel