Friday, 29 July 2016



It was a cold windy night in the darkest jungle in the world. The wind was very strong, and loud. There were two small trolls. There was a pink troll, and a blue troll. The pink troll had a guitar and started playing, while she was playing the blue troll was trying to sleep.

The blue troll woke up and he was furious. He shouted at her to go to bed. He went back to bed mad. But she refused to listen to him. So instead of listening, she carried on playing on her guitar, and singing at the same time.

She sang so loud, she woke up the entire jungle. The jungle loved her voice so much, that they joined in with her. This time the blue troll was very furious, he shouted very loudly. “STOP!!” everyone stop. He took the guitar off her and threw it into the fire and shouted. “GO TO BED!!!”

Paul, can you re-read your writing

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