Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Cathedral

The Cathedral Recount Writing

St Pius X Catholic School went on a trip to the St Patrick Cathedral in town. We went  by bus. I had to look after my soul friend from Room 1. He is a new entrant boy.  I was excited but uncertain about this trip as this was my first time going to a Cathedral.

Once we arrived, we  had to wait until we were allowed to go inside the church.  We entered through the entrance on the left side of the church. This is the Door of Mercy of our diocese.  We blessed ourselves with holy water from a massive font at the side.

After that, we were guided to our seats, and we waited for mass to start. It was such a beautiful mass. The church had a lot of chairs, it had more chairs than our church, it also had a much bigger altar than our one. There were a lot of nice things about this church.

After mass we went to eat lunch, and we waited for the bus to come. Overall I thought that was a really fun school trip, and I can’t wait to go to another cathedral in the future.

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